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At AWS brake repair Oxnard, we understand the importance of your brakes. From a safety standpoint, they are the most important part of your car. For the ultimate in confidence and security the AWS Predictive Maintenance Program assures you that your brakes are always working properly.

You shouldn’t gamble with your brakes. The stakes are too high. Bring your car in for a free inspection with our online coupon found here. Free Brake Inspection. We will check your pads and rotors. We will also check your brake fluid. If there is still life in your pads and rotors we can let you know approximately how long they will last based on how much you drive. If the pads need replacing, we can replace them with factory-approved pads or, at your request, pads that exceed your manufacturer’s minimum recommendation. We can also turn your rotors for a smooth safe stop.

The best way to determine the condition of your brakes is with our free inspection. Until that time, here are some guidelines to follow that will give you an indication of trouble.

• Look – On some cars you can look through the wheel spokes and check the thickness of the pad. One quarter inch or less means, it is time to bring your car into us.

• Listen – Many brake pads have built in a thin piece of metal built into it called squealers that will emit a high-pitched singing noise when it is time to replace the pads.

• Fading – Fading or unresponsive brakes that sink to the floor when you press them is a dangerous situation that may indicate an obstruction in your brake fluid line, a leak, or low brake fluid. If this happens while trying to stop, pump your brakes vigorously to pump fluid to your brakes. Then bring your car to us ASAP.

• Pulling – Pulling to one side or the other may indicate uneven wear or an obstruction in the fluid to one brake. This is a serious situation and should be repaired immediately.

• Grinding – Grinding means you have ignored your brakes too long. Grinding brakes indicate metal on metal where the pads are gone and you are grinding grooves into your rotor. Everyday you turn the radio up to drown out the grinding; you are costing yourself money. Bring your car in to AWS brake service Oxnard on the first day you hear grinding.

• Vibration – Vibration indicates a warped rotor, usually from driving in conditions that require constant application of your brakes, like going down a steep hill. This causes the rotors to overheat and warp. Have your rotors turned when you feel any vibration. If you wait, your rotors may need to be replaced.

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