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Looking for an “Auto Shop Near Me” in Ventura, CA?

A lot of times when people are looking for a great auto shop, they Google “auto shops near me.” This strategy—focusing on convenience—can (sometimes) be a good option if you’re in a bind. However, it’s possible that just sticking to Googling “auto shops near me” might send you to less reliable places. So, we thought we would give you a few tips to guarantee that your car has the right home.

  • After Googling “auto shops near me” make sure you actually read the reviews of the shop. You’d be surprised how much information you can get. Keep in mind that it is completely normal for a shop to get a bad review once in a while—just pay attention to the language in the review. If a customer says service was overpriced, it is usually because it is out of the customer’s intended budget (quality care and specialty parts are more expensive.)

    However, if a customer says that a technician was sloppy, careless, or rude, that is certainly something to pay attention to and to avoid.

  • Once you find a shop, make sure you find out what kinds of cars they specialize in repairing. For example, we really know our hybrids, so if you live in the Ventura area and have a Prius, we’re your people.
  • Pay attention to whether the employees seem happy. Chances are that if the workplace is positive the service is excellent.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about the services we provide here in Ventura, CA, and to schedule any maintenance tune-ups you need:
(805) 643-2032.