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One of the most important (and under-looked) aspects of car maintenance is preventative car maintenance. There are many small ways drivers unknowingly damage their car’s life-span. We compiled a list of four habits that can kill your car over time.
1) Ignoring the check engine light.
This one is obvious, and we are all a little guilty of it. It’s important to make a point of bringing your car in as soon as that light goes on—don’t wait too long. Best-case scenario, the warning light can be a sign that your car is guzzling more fuel than it needs (which burns a hole in your wallet!) Worst-case scenario, there’s serious engine trouble that will eventually result in expensive repairs that could have been prevented.
2) Road rage.
Yes, really. Aggressive driving (full of sudden starts, turns, and stops) is extremely rough for your car (and not that great for your mental state, either.) Avoid unnecessary stress by leaving your house early and checking the traffic before you pick a route.
3) Not cleaning your car.
This isn’t a matter of looks, only—if you don’t regularly wash your car, it’s exterior will eventually be corroded by rust and chemical. This will actually impact other driver’s ability to see you, especially during severe weather conditions.
4) Not following a service schedule.
This is where we come in. We’ll check your engine, fluids, filters, tires, etc, with routine inspections that will keep you safe and ensure that you don’t have to fork over a fortune for preventable repairs, later down the line. Give us a call today, to make sure you are up to date!

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