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Happy Holidays from AWS Automotive

It’s December! Isn’t it incredible how quickly 12 months can pass?

We wanted to give you a few things to make sure that your end-of-year celebration is absolutely wonderful.

The first thing is, of course, a holiday gift. Here is $10 off any service or repair for the holidays! 🙂
$10 off your next service or repair

Click here to make an appointment to come in before the holiday break!

Winter Car Care Tips

Many people think that there’s no such thing as Winter in California. And, in a way, it’s true. Even your car would think so if it could make the comparison.

But there are a few key changes to the weather that have a big impact on your vehicle.

  • It’s dark in the morning and the evening, when most of us drive to work and back. This means it’s colder. Starting up your vehicle under these conditions puts more strain on the engine and the battery, so it’s a great idea to come in for a battery inspection if you have any doubts about it’s capacity, and be sure to warm up your engine before you drive!
  • It RAINS! (We’ve seen a bit of that recently.) You know the drill here. Make sure that your wipers, tires, and brakes are in excellent working order. If you have any doubts, come in for an inspection, and don’t drive in the rain!

Fun Local Holiday Ideas

We want to make sure you know about cool things to do locally this holiday season, so here’s a brief list of things we think you might love to do:

We’ll post more ideas on our Facebook page as we hear about them, so make sure to “like” our page if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest ideas and specials!

Happy Holidays!!