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Popular Asian-Make Vehicles Sold in the USA

Here at AWS Automotive, we work on a lot of Asian-make vehicles. And there’s a good reason for that. A lot of Asian-make vehicles are sold each year in the United States.

Take a look at this graph of how many Asian-make vehicles were sold in the USA last month (from Statista):

Top 5 Asian-Make Brands in the US

According to this data, the top 5 Asian-make vehicles in the US are (based on the number of cars sold in October):

  • Toyota – 168,385 cars
  • Honda – 108,385 cars
  • Nissan – 89,082
  • Hyundai – 64,146
  • Subaru – 55,394

Do the numbers surprise you? Or do they seem similar to what you’ve noticed out in the streets of Ventura?

Here’s something that might surprise you:

You can bring your new car in for service to AWS Automotive

Many people think that, when they have a new car, they have to take it to the dealer to stay within the warranty.

But that’s not the case! Unless you have a special agreement with your dealership, like a certain number of free oil change services, you should come to see us!

All of our services are within your new car warranty, and we will always check your warranty to see if any of your required services are covered by the dealer. We will also check whether there are any recalls on your vehicle.

Whether your vehicle is old or new, an Asian-make or any other, bring it in for an inspection and we’ll email or text (your preference) you digital images along with recommendations for service. Make an appointment to come in today!