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Ventura has seen a lot of rain recently. It’s important to remember that car maintenance requirements change with each season—what your car needs in the summer is different from what it needs in February. Here are some winter car care tips to keep in mind during these cold, grey, rainy days. 🙂

1. Wax it.

Make sure you clean away last summer’s dusty buildup and apply wax to protect your car against precipitation.

2. Make sure people can see you.

Visibility goes hand in hand with safety. Make sure all your lights are working—if they are dim, make an appointment with us so we can clean and/or replace them. This might not be necessary in Ventura, but if you’re going to a place with any snow (like the Sierras) definitely replace your windshield wipers with windshield blades.

3. Check your tires.

It is estimated that tire pressure decreases by one pound for every 10 degree drop in air pressure. Make sure your tires are inflated—the dropping temperatures will affect them, and traction is crucial, especially in the rain.

4. Maintain your battery.

The summer heat affects batteries, which you are bound to only notice on a really cold morning if your car won’t start. 😉 It’s a good idea to replace your battery, especially now, as a new battery is the best defense against the cold.